Review 1

Nathan G.

One trade example which to me is more than enough with results like that but I’m new to the group which means I don’t know too much about the products! I’m currently running a bot on a few pairs which seem to be working well. I’m sure that once I fully learn these tools there will be serious money to be made! Also there is true wisdom made by soft kill

Many thanks, Nathan.
Good luck to everyone

Review 2Review 3

Nathan B.

26k to 42k in 30 days speaks for itself!

The tools are solid BUT you still have to figure out how to use them in your own portfolio while managing your risk. Be smart, when Bitcoin is on the upward trend, then look for scalps and other altcoins that are growing. When Bitcoin is sideways or downward trend, trade Bitcoin pairs. Be patient and manage your risk daily. Use the signals as part of a semi-automatic strategy, the signals will not do all the work for you but the signals will give you good entries that you can later manage manually.

Dr X.

I have been using your tools for a while now. It is really worth it. Made more than enough to cover the cost of it. It took me like a week or so to gain back the cost. My capital is around 30k. That's all I can help you with. Please remember that risk management is always a fundamental issue.

Mihai G.

hi, I started with Adelin in January and so far I have 3x my investment. I am more than happy with Hercules Trading 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Mrs. V Wilson

I just started with Catalin on Monday and so far have made a 20% profit (maybe a little more). I am new at crypto trading but so far Catalin has been very helpful. I expect to really learn all that I can from him and his charts and glad I signed up for his Maximus package.

Review 4

Eanna K.

I got the maximus package in February ’21. This has allowed me to review, compare and understand all of Catalin’ss strategies that suit my trading style and risk level the best.
The short timeframe strategies like the scalper and swing strategies I’ve connected to a paper account only as I am still perfecting my routine on what to trade, when to or not to trade and the timeframes (1 min or 5 mins) to trade for shorter timeframes.
I’ve connected some of the longer term strategies [strategy MEGA trend multi averages (30mins) & MA + Oscillators (30mins)] to my live Binance account. These strategies suit my current trading style better as I am more inclined to want to keep my drawdown as low as possible. For me these longer timeframe strategies suit me better but once I get more confident in my own trading ability then for sure I’ll want to have a go with the Scalper and Swing strategies.
One of the most recent (semi-automatic) trades what worked really well for me was:

Strategy Name: strategy MEGA trend multi averages (30mins) –
ETHUSDT Entry Date: 30/04/2021 @ 12:00 Trigger Entry Price:
$2759.38 || Binance Fill Price: $2763.00

Close date: 03/05/2021 @ 13:28
Manual Close / Exit @ Market Price || Binance Fill Price: $3139.00

Note: I should have trusted Catalin’s strategy more as it automatically exited the position on 04/05/2021 at $3360. I manually closed the position to net an approx. 13.5% gain where as if I has allowed the strategy to run its course I would have got close to 21%.
I hope this helps anybody sitting on the fence about Catalin and his strategies. As you can see in the most recent trade this has already, almost, paid for the Maximus package that I got.