Flexible membership plans

$3,999per year

Perfect for beginners

Short and long term products for CRYPTO:
  • Scalper Crypto
  • Swinger Crypto

Short term products + Long term products that consist of balanced strategies, that work with most crypto pairs, especially top/main ones. Highly safe from losses and provide high returns. Can be traded both manually or automated. Leverage can be used to get even higher returns.

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$4,999per year

Best value - Suited for all traders

Includes all diamond content +

  • Access to my hedge fund portfolio
  • Full guidance, tutorial and help with your trader path
  • Personal coaching and training to minimize your losses and maximize your profits.
  • Access to my private courses
  • Access to all my premium strategies, for all financial markets
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$2,499per year

Suited for advanced to expert traders

  • VWAP

Strategies pack designed for Stock markets.
These strategies have been adapted so far for S&P 500 index and NASDAQ.

IPSIMUS is able to go both long and short, depending on the market movement direction.
VWAP Stock is made using different VWAP MTF combined together with price action.

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What's included in all of our plans

  • TradingView Strategy for back testing on historical data
  • Repaint-free TradingView Indicator to create alerts for Buy & Sell signals
  • Continous access to strategy updates and future releases
  • Access to our Telegram group with crypto market insights and guidance from our team


  • All plans require a TradingView account.
  • Automation is highly recommended for Short term products (Scalper, Swinger) with a tool like 3commas, Cornix or similar.
  • We will provide guidance on how to get everything setup easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

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