Provide the best and the most efficient indicators, strategies, courses, signals and education for any type of market, any timeframe, any psychology. Both for payment and for free.


After more than a decade of experience as a system analyst and trading in markets such as FOREX, STOCKS and FUTURES for multiple hedge funds, at the end of 2020 I decided to take everything that I learned and adapt it initially to CRYPTO market since it was younger and with much bigger opportunies than any other financial market. An this is how ATRADER_LIFE born. 6 months after that, and already having hundreds of customers happy with my paid products and thousands more with my free ones.


  • Double degree in financial administration and economy, together with IT Engineering.
  • More than a decade of experience around financial markets and half of that coding strategies.
  • Synesthesia with numbers since I was a kid.
  • My big goal is to manage a top hedge fund and be among the best.
Marketing & Development
  • 15+ years of experience in digital projects including web development, design, marketing and strategy. Aiming to build the best platform and tools around our trading products.